Plastics are largely demonised in the media with the continued appropriation of negative messages in relation to this material. However, not all plastics are bad. Invented in 1907, there is a reason why plastics have become so universally important to us. They are clean, adaptable and repeatable. Plastics save lives every day through the use of countless inspirational inventions that support our health and emergency services. Plastic, as a material, is not the problem. It is our use of this material that causes problems. Namely, single-use plastics and single-use products. This approach to consumption largely contributes to the biggest environmental challenge that we face as a global community

Thankfully, this is changing, and our societies are working to develop more circular methods for production and consumption. We as consumers, are becoming ever more aware of the importance of ‘responsible selection’ within our consumptions habits. We are beginning to understand that our decisions, on which products to purchase, has a direct influence on how products are ultimately designed, produced and sold.

The true aim of a circular economy is to ‘keep’ materials and objects ‘in use’ for as long as possible. Yet our current circular models depend upon massive supply and transportation chains, leading to high levels of carbon and negative environmental impacts.

the origin story…

At origin, we believe strongly that plastic is valuable. We have developed technology within our approach to product development, that allows us to recycle materials and design new products to be produced at the source of waste, with no travel required.

origin is the result of a collective of staff and students at Gray’s School of Art. Sustainability is a core thread within the curriculum and these values are at the centre of our unique approach to the development of collective ‘micro-circularity’.

To limit the carbon footprint of our approach we have challenged ourselves to design and develop our products to service the local community, first.

We will also be producing exciting premium products that you can buy to support these local communities by making purchasing decisions with us that can have a truly positive impact.

It is our privilege and our opportunity as consumers to consider the nature of our consumption habits. Each and every one of us has the power to create impact. By working with us, you can immediately contribute to a more circular approach to consumption. By supporting us you can communicate positive messages about circularity and responsible purchasing that will benefit and educate others.

We believe that sustainability is found simply in the ability to sustain.

At origin, we seek to help everyone sustain good consumption habits as a result of good design and production methods.

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Team Origin