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Are Plastics Bad?

Plastics have been demonised by the media – and largely for good reason but not all plastics are bad. Invented in 1907, there is a reason why plastics have become so universal. Plastics save lives every day, whether it’s premature babies through incubators or an everyday injection using plastic syringes. Our hero firefighters use plastic firefighting equipment, protecting them from high heat in fires. Plastics are not the problem, it’s what we choose to use plastics for that is the problem. Single use plastics, on average are used for less than 15 minutes and clearly this needs to change.

So what are our options? We can all stop using plastics and begin to use alternatives… but what happens to the 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic we have already produced? 6.3 billion tonnes is already considered waste – that’s enough plastic waste to cover the ENTIRE U.K up to your knees! Should we just ignore this plastic?

A large amount of plastics can be recycled but the logistics involved in recycling is complex – does anyone really know what happens when you put a plastic bottle in the bin? Plastic as a commodity isn’t worth very much, so plastic has to be sent long distances to be recycled en masse, cost effectively.

At origin we believe strongly that plastic is valuable. We have developed technology that allows us to recycle and produce new products at source – no travel required. To limit the carbon footprint, we aim to produce new products to service the local community, first. We will also be producing exciting, premium products that you can buy to support these local communities and to get involved in a cause that you can impact.

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